A bit of Nature

Saying its been a while since I lasted updated the blog, I have decided to add some other pictures I have found in my collection of nature from the Eskrigg Nature Reserve in Lockerbie.

The first image is of a Red Squirrel staying out of the sun while sitting on a fallen tree on an early August morning:

dscf8845(Click on the image to view them in a larger size)

The other image which I have uploaded is of a pheasant which are quite often seen wandering round the Red Squirrel hide of this reserve in Lockerbie:

Pheasant(Click on the image to view them in a larger size)

I was hoping to have updated this blog a bit more often but I’ve a bit too busy recently but hopefully I’ll back into this photography soon.


Red Squirrels

After many visits to the Eskrigg Nature Reserve outside the town of Lockerbie in Scotland over the past year or two I have started to build up a small collection of Red Squirrel pictures.

There are only about 120,000 red squirrels in Scotland – only half the grey squirrel population – and it makes up about 75% of the UK red squirrel population. So it makes it that slight bit more unique photographing them, below is a small selection of images I currently have of them on Flickr:

Eskrigg Red SquirrelAlways Alert


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