Glasgow by Day

Following on from the Glasgow By Night post a few months ago I’ve decided to put together a collection of pictures from around Glasgow that were taken during the day.

The first image was taken from the Squinty Bridge (Clyde Arc) looking over the River Clyde to the Finnieston Crane, SSE Hydro and Armadillo on a sunny afternoon in the late autumn:


Further down the River Clyde crossing the Glasgow/South Portland Street Suspension Bridge looking towards the St. Enoch shopping centre while heading into Glasgow’s City Centre:


A good place to visit more some good views in Glasgow is the Lighthouse in Mitchell Lane with a viewing platform which allows you to see across and beyond Glasgow.  This particular image is taken looking towards the Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow Caledonian University and City of Glasgow college with the ‘People Make Glasgow’ logo also in sight:


Back down to the River Clyde which is very still while reflecting the various buildings and bridges around on a clear September morning:


The final image taken not far from Glasgow City Centre is the pond at the Rouken Glen Park which again giving reflections on another sunny day:



Good Views are not too far away…

Rather than a 90 minute or so drive to the Scottish Highlands this one roughly only took 20 minutes to the Campsie Fells at Lennoxtown before some “hill walking”.  So after a 20 minute climb from the car park on one of the best days of the year for weather I reached what a the ‘summit’ marked out by a pile of stone.

At the top there were good views all around looking into the Campsie Fells, Cumbernauld and Glasgow.

For the picture I took I went down another part of the hill to get a better position to avoid having lots of hills in the one shot.

Below we have a view looking over Lennoxtown with the city of Glasgow in the background:


And the looking towards the east towards Cumbernauld with Lennoxtown in the foreground again with the moon also in the sky:


These views were better than what I initially expected, after all I thought it was only a short 5 minute climb to a good view point but I didn’t quite get that one right which also meant I was quite expecting the size of the drop in which these pictures emphasize.

Glasgow by Night (1)

As explained in my Night Photography post a few weeks back I enjoy taking pictures and working with the camera at night especially in Glasgow.  So I’ve decided to make another post with another collection of pictures from Glasgow during the night and posts like this is something I’d create a series of with the more pictures I take over time.

To start of with post we have a picture from the SSE Hydro & Armadillo lit up and reflecting on a very still River Clyde on a October evening:

Hydro & Armadillo

Now into Glasgow Green where I have taken an exposure of the historic People’s Palace:

People's Palace, Glasgow

And finally back to the River Clyde with the Tidal Weir which can be found the edge of Glasgow Green as you near the City Centre:

Glasgow Tidal Wier


Hopefully soon I’ll be able to create another post with further pictures with Glasgow at night as I have plenty of variety to choose from.