Round the River Forth at Night

Drive round the River/Firth of Forth between Falkirk and Fife for some night photography along the banks of the river.


The first image (above) comes from Culross Pier whilst looking towards the disused Longannet Power Station with the sunset in the background whilst the other side of the Forth at Grangemouth looking more lively.


Heading towards Dunfermline we get to Limekilns Pier with the tide out and the boats sitting in the moonlight and the new Queensferry Crossing seen lighting up the background.


Further down from Limekilns and near North Queensferry we see the new Queensferry Crossing which is due to open shortly, the older Forth Road Bridge is also seen in the background.


Of course, in this area at night you can’t miss the Forth Rail Bridge, the UNESCO World Heritage site is seen lighting up the Firth of Forth on the clear evening with the other bridges just being able to be seen behind the spectacular site.


The final image comes from Blackness Castle with one of the buildings at the site in complete darkness allowing the ‘Big Dipper/The Plough’ star alignment to be seen above the building.


A Couple of Cars

A visit to Motherwell for the ‘Tartan Tarmac’ meet in some nice spring weather so I thought I’d try some different pictures from what I normally take. ¬†With plenty of cars there ranging from hatchbacks to supercars there was plenty of variety for photographs.

First of all we have a Ferrari 458:


A McLaren 570S:


And the last picture from the meet, Aston Martin Vantage: