Drive round the Campsies

A short trip driving round the Campsie Hills and Carron Valley on a sunny Friday afternoon between the town of Kilsyth and Campsie Glen via Carron Bridge.

First picture is from ‘Tak Ma Doon Road’ between Kilsyth and Carron Bridge:


With snow still on the ground from earlier in the week it added some variety to some of the pictures I was expecting to get.

Shortly after I passed the Carron Valley Reservoir.  First picture is of the water flowing down from the damn with a snow covered Meikle Bin in the background and the second picture is just a general view from the top of the damn across the reservoir:


A quick drive further along the road beyond the Reservoir  we reach the next stopping point at the ‘Loup of Fintry’ on the Endrick Water.  A short walk after parking the car I reached the waterfall with a big drop and a scenic background:


Now starting to head back towards ‘civilisation’ we get to the ‘Car Park in the Sky’ near Lennoxtown.  There were good views looking towards Glasgow & Cumbernauld but unfortunately no pictures due to the positioning of the sun but I went a short walk a found some waterfalls:


So after a short break I went to my last location of the day, Campsie Glen for more waterfall photography, only took a few pictures due to time limitations but there was plenty of different shots that I could have took:


Overall it was an enjoyable and scenic drive with plenty of photographic opportunities.


Higher quality pictures from the trip can be found here on my Flickr & Facebook.

A bit of Nature

Saying its been a while since I lasted updated the blog, I have decided to add some other pictures I have found in my collection of nature from the Eskrigg Nature Reserve in Lockerbie.

The first image is of a Red Squirrel staying out of the sun while sitting on a fallen tree on an early August morning:

dscf8845(Click on the image to view them in a larger size)

The other image which I have uploaded is of a pheasant which are quite often seen wandering round the Red Squirrel hide of this reserve in Lockerbie:

Pheasant(Click on the image to view them in a larger size)

I was hoping to have updated this blog a bit more often but I’ve a bit too busy recently but hopefully I’ll back into this photography soon.

Falkirk Wheel & the Kelpies

A couple of shots from visit over the past few years to Falkirk’s main attractions in central Scotland.

First of all we have the Falkirk Wheel ‘boat lift’ which was officially opened in 2002 to link the Forth & Clyde and Union canals…

(Click on the images to view them in a larger size)

dscf8573-watermark (Click on the image to view it in a larger size)
Frozen Canal(Click on the image to view it in a larger size)

And then we have just the one shot (for just now) of the more recently built ‘Kelpies’ in Helix Park which had opened in 2013 with the two 30m tall structures.  Both are seen here lit up on a cold January evening…

Kelpies at Night(Click on the image to view it in a larger size)

It is my intention soon again to return to both these attractions to see them both lit up at night to get some more photos.

For more see:

Glasgow by Night (1)

As explained in my Night Photography post a few weeks back I enjoy taking pictures and working with the camera at night especially in Glasgow.  So I’ve decided to make another post with another collection of pictures from Glasgow during the night and posts like this is something I’d create a series of with the more pictures I take over time.

To start of with post we have a picture from the SSE Hydro & Armadillo lit up and reflecting on a very still River Clyde on a October evening:

Hydro & Armadillo

Now into Glasgow Green where I have taken an exposure of the historic People’s Palace:

People's Palace, Glasgow

And finally back to the River Clyde with the Tidal Weir which can be found the edge of Glasgow Green as you near the City Centre:

Glasgow Tidal Wier


Hopefully soon I’ll be able to create another post with further pictures with Glasgow at night as I have plenty of variety to choose from.

Photography in the Snow

As we head into winter again I thought I’d share some pictures from the past few years taken during the Winter and in the snow…

Snow in the Forest

Above: Walking through the trees on the path between the Falkirk Wheel & Roughcastle Roman Fort with everything covered in snow.

Winter Sunset

Above:  The sun setting while on a walk in the snow in Condorrat.

Frozen Canal

Above:  Looking towards the Falkirk Wheel from the frozen Forth & Clyde canal with snow covering the majority of the ground.

Hopefully this year there will be some more snow for a better variety of shots and if so they will be able to be found in the Flickr album below:


Red Squirrels

After many visits to the Eskrigg Nature Reserve outside the town of Lockerbie in Scotland over the past year or two I have started to build up a small collection of Red Squirrel pictures.

There are only about 120,000 red squirrels in Scotland – only half the grey squirrel population – and it makes up about 75% of the UK red squirrel population. So it makes it that slight bit more unique photographing them, below is a small selection of images I currently have of them on Flickr:

Eskrigg Red SquirrelAlways Alert


Find out more:

Eskrigg Nature Reserve

Scotland Red Squirrel site

Some Waterfall Photography

A good challenge for me in photography can be taking pictures at Waterfalls.  Ideally in these sort of shots I want to capture the movement of the water falling or flowing down which I usually manage but is pretty tricky when I’ve not got a tripod with me as I try to get as close to a 1 second shutter speed as possible while trying to get the light right for what is around the waterfall.  So below are a few waterfall shots I currently have on Flickr…

Aria Force
Above: Aria Force in the Lake District
And below: Some waterfalls in Rouken Glen Park outside Glasgow
Rouken Glen Waterfall
Small Rouken Glen Waterfall

As I’ve said above these are only a few examples I have on Flickr for just now but over time I will upload other waterfall shots from various different places which will all be able to be found by clicking on the Flickr album below: