Photography in the Snow

As we head into winter again I thought I’d share some pictures from the past few years taken during the Winter and in the snow…

Snow in the Forest

Above: Walking through the trees on the path between the Falkirk Wheel & Roughcastle Roman Fort with everything covered in snow.

Winter Sunset

Above:  The sun setting while on a walk in the snow in Condorrat.

Frozen Canal

Above:  Looking towards the Falkirk Wheel from the frozen Forth & Clyde canal with snow covering the majority of the ground.

Hopefully this year there will be some more snow for a better variety of shots and if so they will be able to be found in the Flickr album below:



Red Squirrels

After many visits to the Eskrigg Nature Reserve outside the town of Lockerbie in Scotland over the past year or two I have started to build up a small collection of Red Squirrel pictures.

There are only about 120,000 red squirrels in Scotland – only half the grey squirrel population – and it makes up about 75% of the UK red squirrel population. So it makes it that slight bit more unique photographing them, below is a small selection of images I currently have of them on Flickr:

Eskrigg Red SquirrelAlways Alert


Find out more:

Eskrigg Nature Reserve

Scotland Red Squirrel site

Some Waterfall Photography

A good challenge for me in photography can be taking pictures at Waterfalls.  Ideally in these sort of shots I want to capture the movement of the water falling or flowing down which I usually manage but is pretty tricky when I’ve not got a tripod with me as I try to get as close to a 1 second shutter speed as possible while trying to get the light right for what is around the waterfall.  So below are a few waterfall shots I currently have on Flickr…

Aria Force
Above: Aria Force in the Lake District
And below: Some waterfalls in Rouken Glen Park outside Glasgow
Rouken Glen Waterfall
Small Rouken Glen Waterfall

As I’ve said above these are only a few examples I have on Flickr for just now but over time I will upload other waterfall shots from various different places which will all be able to be found by clicking on the Flickr album below: